Who are we?

We are Steph, Lizzie, Cara and Cathy, the Youth and Schools team of The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, based in Cambridge, UK. Click here to meet the team.

We have 3 websites: 'Faraday Kids', for 2-11 year olds, 'Faraday Teens' for 11-18 year olds, and 'Faraday Educators' for adults who want to help young people explore science-religion questions.


About The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion

The Faraday Institute aims to help people explore life’s big questions, especially those about science, religion and how they relate to each other. We work to produce strong academic research in the field of science and religion, and also to communicate about our work. We do this through resources, teaching, training and speaking to people in schools, colleges, the scientific community, religious groups and many other places too.

 The Faraday Institute is linked to University of Cambridge - founded in 2006 (as part of St. Edmund’s College). We are now an independent charitable organisation and a member of the Cambridge Theological Federation.


What we do, and why

The Faraday Institute’s work has always included outreach to young people and, since 2013, we have been developing an exciting, wide-reaching programme to create the opportunities for thousands of young people of all ages to explore positive science-faith interactions.

Research and experience show that many children and young people have important 'Big Questions' about the interactions of science and religious faith. But it isn’t always easy for teachers, parents and others to find time and resources to help young people explore these ideas. We want to help!

We are working hard to provide ways for children and young people to explore their big questions through accessible interactive sessions and training for those in positions of influence. We think this is important because these big questions impact how people think about life, and that thinking can affect the way we shape the world we live in as we grow up.

Visits and training

We love to run accessible interactive sessions all over the UK (and beyond!) with young people of all ages. Sometimes we invite other scientists and theologians to join in too! Thousands of young people have enjoyed our fun, hands-on, question-based sessions in schools, churches and all kinds of other contexts. 

We also run training for teachers, youth workers, budding science and/or faith communicators and others who have the opportunity to help young people explore science-faith interactions.

See our visits and training pages for more information. 


We try to recommend the best resources available to help young people explore positive science-faith interactions. We review and recommend helpful materials made by others and also work with world-class publishers and content creators to produce our own high-quality resources, from story books to interactive games and activities. We’re always working on more and updating our websites with our new favourites!

See our resources page and keep checking in for new releases and exclusive offers.

If you know of any relevant resources that you think we should review, or you’d like to talk to us about working with our team to publish a resource you have created or are dreaming up, we’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch!

How we do what we do

The aim of our programme is to help and encourage everyone to use reliable information and well-thought-through ideas to explore and talk about big questions. An important part of this is equipping young people to engage thoughtfully and respectfully with different people, ideas and beliefs.   

Some of our work and resources focus particularly on the relationship between science and the Christian faith. This is mostly because we are asked lots of questions about how science and Christianity fit together, and our Youth and Schools team members each hold a personal Christian faith. The Faraday Institute’s ethos is also based on Christian ideas.

Although we sometimes have a particular focus on the Christian faith, we love to engage with people with any or no religious background, and have had great fun doing so in all kinds of schools and other contexts. Through our work, young people from a whole range of different faiths and worldviews have the chance to explore their questions with those who have spent many years thinking about these ideas, and are well respected within the mainstream scientific and theological communities.

Please get in touch if you have questions about how our ethos influences our work.

Stay in touch

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